Learn how to enable lead capture using the steps below. 

1. Create a quiz. 

2. When you get to the "Leads" section in the quiz builder turn "Lead Capture" to 'Enable'. As shown below. 

3. Select the "Lead Capture Type" from the drop down. You can choose to have your quiz takers information entered via their Facebook account or you can have them manually enter their information by selecting Lead Capture Form.

Note: With a Facebook opt in you will be getting the first name and email that the quiz taker has associated with their Facebook Account.

Customizing the Lead Capture Form

1. the "Headline" that they see. 

2. The "Headline Description" that they see.

3. The Lead Form Placement (whether you want them to opt in before or after they take the quiz).

4. The option to skip opting in, which will give your users the option if they want to opt in or not.

5. The ability to insert multiple conversion pixels into the quiz. Important if you are running paid traffic to the quiz from more than one source.

6. The ability to add a Privacy Policy or disclaimer text. 

7. When you are done completing the Leads section, select Save and Create Offer to move onto the next step.

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