How Can I Create A Question That Has No Weight On The Quiz Outcome?

If you want to have a question that doesn't have an effect on the overall outcome received follow the steps below. 

1. Create a quiz with all of the quiz questions you would like (including the ones that you do not want to have an effect on the quiz outcome). 

2. Map all of the questions that you do want to have an effect on the outcome to the correct outcome as shown below.

3. Go back to the outcomes editor and create an outcome that is titled "No weight question" and then the number of the question so you can easily remember. For the outcome description have "No weight question." (or something similiar). Like shown below. 

4. Go to the question in the questions section of the editor. (in this case number 11)

5. Map all of the questions answers to the "No Weight Question" outcome that you created in step 3.

6. Click "Save Question"

7. Repeat steps 3 to 6 for every question you want to not have a weight on the outcome. 

***NOTE it is important to do this for every question that you do not want to link to an outcome and that no one of these questions maps to the same no weight outcome. ***

8. After all of the outcomes and mapped review and publish your quiz. Your quiz is now created with questions that have zero weight on the outcome :)