Connect Your LeadQuizzes Account With Klaviyo!

To learn how to use LeadQuizzes with Klaviyo check out this help doc

While LeadQuizzes doesn't have a direct integration with Klaviyo, and Klaviyo doesn't have a direct integration with Zapier, there is a workaround that uses Zapier!

Here's What You'll Need:

  • LeadQuizzes Account
  • Zapier Account
  • Klaviyo API Key
  • Klaviyo LIST ID

How To Find Your Klaviyo API Key

In your account drop-down click Account > Settings > API Keys and create a new key and name it "Zapier".  Copy this to a text file for usage in a later step.

How To Find Your Klaviyo LIST ID

Create the new LIST if you don’t already have one.  Otherwise, click the list and look at the URL.  It will look something like this:

The LIST ID, in this case, is Qxjh6s 

Copy the LIST ID and paste it in the same text file as you did the API KEY for usage in a later step.

Next Is Setting Up the Actual Zap!

  1. Create a new ZAP with the "TRIGGER" of LeadQuizzes.  
  2. Follow the steps and connect your LeadQuizzes account and quiz you want to use with Zapier. 
  3. Once you have this selected go through the quiz in LeadQuizzes and opt-in to receive your results. Then go back to Zapier and click "Fetch & Continue", this will pull in the quiz submission information for the quiz you just took.
  4. Next for the "ACTION" choose "Webhooks by Zapier" and select "POST".
  5. For the URL you will use this as your template: and will Replace LISTID with the actual LIST ID from your Klaviyo list.  In this example, Qxjh6s is what my ID is.  Copy the API KEY from your text file to replace KEY.   It will look something like pk_1234567890abcdefghijkl
  6. Your new URL will look something like /members?api_key=pk_1234567890abcdefghijkl which gets pasted to the URL step of Zapier.
  7. There are a few other options that you will need to update, which are as follows:
  • Payload Type = form
  • confirm_optin = false
  • Data = email (search for the email code from LeadQuizzes via the drop-down)
  • Wrap Request In Array = No
  • Unflatten = yes

It’s important to use the confirm_optin=false or else it will require them to confirm their opt-in.

Create a test and you should get a success message.  

Check your list and the user should be in there.  :)