How Can I Connect My Aweber Account To LeadQuizzes And Segment My Leads?

Connect your quiz and start sending personalized feedback based on your results!

Connecting your LeadQuizzes account to your Aweber account is vital to not only improving the engagement of your leads, but for segmenting them and sending content specific to their needs. Watch the video or follow these step by step instructions to connect your Aweber account!

1. Login to your LeadQuizzes account and go to the "Integrations" section on the lefthand side. 

2. Select "Aweber" from the list of options.

3. Enter in your Aweber "Login Name" and "Password" on the page you were directed to and click "Allow Access"

4. Copy the Authorization code that appears on the page and paste this into the appropriate section when you return to the page.

5. Click "Connect"

How Can I Segment My Leads Using Aweber?

Setting up segmentation for your leads is easy with LeadQuizzes! Just follow the steps below. 

1. Connect your Aweber account to LeadQuizzes.

2. Create a new quiz or edit a quiz you already have created in your dashboard. 

3. On the Configure page of the quiz builder. Click on Integration and select Aweber.

4. From the Apply Segmentation drop down select the Aweber list that you would like all quiz takers to be added to. 

5. After you have completed the necessary fields on that page, click Save & Create Outcomes. 

6. Finish creating your quiz and publish it so the changes will be saved and your leads will now be added automatically to your Aweber account.

7. If you would like to further segment your leads you can do so in the outcome section, however you must have a general segmentation selected first!

8. If you would like to segment based on outcomes received first create an outcome in the quiz builder. 

9. Click on the created outcome that is listed on the lefthand side.

10. Scroll down to the bottom of the outcome section on the right and from the Apply Segmentation drop down, select the list that you would like these contacts added to (in addition to the general segmentation list)

11. Click Save Outcome and repeat for all outcomes you would like segmented. 

12. Finish creating your quiz and publish it so the changes will be saved and your leads will now be added automatically to your Aweber account. 

How Do I Remove The Confirmed Opt In On My Aweber List?

To ensure your new leads are not getting a confirmation email from Aweber please follow the steps below. 

  1. Get the names of all of the Aweber lists your new quiz taker contacts are being added to. 
  2. Call Aweber at 877-293-2371
  3. Press 2 to speak with customer support. 
  4. Tell them you are using a third party integration and need to turn off the double confirmed opt in. 
  5. They will ask for your Aweber username and the name of the lists you would like the double conformed opt in turned off on. 
  6. After this you are all set :)