How Can I Share My Quizzes With Potential New Customers?

There are many great ways to share your quiz

Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are a proven way to get people to take your quiz and become your customer. Give your quiz a catchy title and offer content that interests your target audience and you could be getting thousands of leads per month. If you are interested in creating facebook ads for your quiz here are some links to resources we have created to aid you.

We also offer a managed service so you can take advantage of our in-house experts to run your ad campaign and ensure you are getting the most potential out of your quiz!

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Share the quiz with your followers!

You have just created a quiz and you are super proud of it. Well, why not share it with all your friends and followers online. To share your quiz just take the URL created within LeadQuizzes and use it in a post! It will look something like the below:

Adding a CTA to the quiz on your website's homepage

If you have a website that gets a lot of traffic its a great idea to add a button or banner on your page driving to the quiz. This could be in addition to or a replacement for your current lead magnet. Many of our users have found that by replacing their current lead magnet with a quiz their lead magnet conversion rate more than doubles! Take a look at this example below:

Embed the quiz on your blog posts

If you have a blog its a great idea to create a new quiz that is specific to your different blog posts! Its a great way to give your readers information and then test them on it, or just to let them have some fun to see how much they really know about a certain topic. Take a look at how some of our users use this feature below: