How To Insert Your Pinterest Conversion Tag Into LeadQuizzes?

You will want to install your Pinterest Conversion Tag before running any paid Pinterest advertising so you can track performance.

Before you launch any paid advertising to your quiz you'll want to make sure that you install and use the correct conversion pixel. Follow the steps below to set up your Pinterest Conversion Tag with LeadQuizzes. 

1. Login to your LeadQuizzes Account.

2. Navigate to Integrations on the left-hand side. 

3. Either scroll down to the Pinterest Pixel integration on the page or change the filter to "Advertising Platforms" and then select Pinterest Pixel from the list. 

4. Select "Insert Pixel"

5. Name your Pixel (this name is only seen by you and used as a reference)

6. Copy and paste your entire Pinterest Conversion Tag code into the "Conversion code" section. 

7. After the last part of the code insert this additional code so that Pinterest will track the right type of event: 


  pintrk('track', 'lead', {

    lead_type: 'Quiz'



8. Click Save.

8. Your pixel is now inserted!