How Can I Verify My Twitter Conversion Pixel Is Firing?

Verify your Twitter Conversion Pixel is working correctly before you start running advertising.

To verify your Twitter Conversion Pixel is working correctly follow the steps below. 

1. Verify the quiz you would like the pixel to be on have a pixel selected in the "Select Conversion Pixels" section. 

2. Once this is verified and the quiz is published verify that you have the Twitter Pixel Helper added to a Google Chrome Browser from this link:

3. Open your quiz with URL in a Google Chrome browser where the Twitter Pixel Helper extension is added. 

4. Check to make sure that the pixel helper has not detected any pixels yet, by clicking on the Twitter Pixel Helper image on the browser as shown below. It should say "No Twitter tag requests detected. Try refreshing the page."

5. Click through the quiz and opt in at the end.

6. After you opt in your should see that the Twitter Pixel has fired. You will see a 1 next to the Twitter Pixel Helper at the top and if you click on it, it will say "1 Twitter website tags found" as shown below