How Can I Upgrade My Account From LeadQuizzes 2 to LeadQuizzes 3?

Note: LeadQuizzes 2 and LeadQuizzes 3 are different platforms. This means that you first have to subscribe for one of the LeadQuizzes 3 plans before your content can be migrated over. 

1. Go to the LeadQuizzes 3 Pricing Page and select a subscription plan to start a 14-day free trial. 

2. Fill in the given information fields and click ''Next Step''.

3. Provide your credit card information and click on ''Start My Trial''. 

4. Next, provide your website URL and click on ''Submit''. 

5. Finally, install your LeadQuizzes tracking code on your website. Copy and paste your tracking code into your tag manager or the < head > tag on every page where you wish to track visitors and collect leads.Need help installing the tracking code?

6. Once your LeadQuizzes website account is created, you can start migrating your content over from LeadQuizzes 2 to LeadQuizzes 3. Migration is done manually for now ( Copy & Paste), or you can schedule a call with the LeadQuizzes customer support to help you with the migration of your most important live content.

Visit ourHelp Center on LeadQuizzes 3 for a step-by-step guide on the features and functionalities we have. 

7. When you are done with the migration of your content, ensure you cancel your LeadQuizzes 2 subscription to avoid getting charged for both platforms.Need help canceling your LeadQuizzes 2 subscription ?

Note: If you are subscribed to an annual plan in LeadQuizzes 2 and still have prorated credit on your subscription, your LeadQuizzes 3 account will be credited with this prorated credit. Once the prorated credit is applied to your LeadQuizzes 3 account, your LeadQuizzes 2 subscription will be set to cancel in 30 days which gives you enough time to set up your account and migrate your content over to LeadQuizzes 3