What Does Apply Segmentation Mean?

When you are creating your quiz you will notice "Apply Segmentation" on the configure page as well as the outcomes page as shown below.

On the configure page this is the initial list, tag, or campaign (depending on your email software) that you would like your quiz takers to be saved to. 

This will help you to easily search for leads that came in through your quiz when you are in your email software. 

For example if you are using MailChimp and want your leads to go to a list called "Quiz - All Quiz Takers". You would select MailChimp from the Integration drop down (must connect your integration first) and then "Quiz - All Quiz Takers" from the Apply Segmentation drop down. As shown below: 

On the outcomes pages, Apply Segmentation is the additional layer of segmenting that you would like to use for that specific quiz result. Just as in the previous step it will be the list, tag or campaign (depending on the email software you are using) that you would like applied to quiz takers who receive that outcome. ***Note: you must have a segmentation applied in the configure section in order to apply one to an individual outcome***

For example if you would like all quiz takers who receive a high risk results to be added to a list called "Quiz - High Risk" you would select this from the "Apply Segmentation" drop down for that specific quiz result. As shown below: 

Once the segmentation is selected click "Save Outcome" to ensure it is applied.