How Can I See How Well My Quizzes Are Performing?

You can see how well your quizzes are performing with the LeadQuizzes dashboard!

Your LeadQuizzes Dashboard displays performance data for each of your quizzes. To view your dashboard metrics select the Dashboard from the left-hand-side menu orclick this link. This article we will explain each dashboard metric and how it is calculated.


Quiz Name: This is the name of your quiz that you created. This title is not seen by your quiz takers but is a personal reminder of which quiz you are working with.

Status: You can view your quiz status using the navigation menu at the top of the dashboard. When the status of your quiz is Published it can be accessed by anyone online. When your quiz status is Drafted it is only viewable by you, when you are logged into your LeadQuizzes account.  All Quizzes will display your published, drafted, and archived quizzes.

Quiz Link: To view your quiz as if you were a quiz taker, select the blue link. By selecting the link, your quiz will appear in a new window. Note: Check to ensure your pop-up settings allow this.

Views: The number of views is generated by anyone who clicks and loads your quiz. This does not mean that they finished the quiz but at the very least, they have loaded the quiz.

Leads: When a quiz taker enters their contact information into your quiz, a lead will be generated.

Social Shares: If your quiz is shared on Twitter or Facebook the number will be recorded in the Social Shares column.

CTA Clicks:  After completing your quiz your quiz taker will be directed towards an offer. If the quiz taker clicks on your offer, they will be recorded in this column.

Conversion Rate: Your conversion rate is the number of leads you receive divided by your total number of views.