How Can I Create A Quiz Outcome?

In order to have a successful quiz you will need to create compelling outcomes.

Watch the video or follow the steps below to learn how to use the quiz outcome builder. 

  1. When you first create an outcome you will want to create a title! To create a title click your cursor on the "Outcome Title" text box and begin typing. 

2. Next create the outcome description in the "Outcome Description" text box. Here you have a variety of different options to format your text.

     - Change the size of the font using the drop down that says "Paragraph"

     - Bold, italicize or underline your text using the corresponding buttons next to the "Paragraph" drop down. 

     - Set the text justification to either left, center or right justified using the corresponding buttons. 

     - Create a bulleted or numbered list. 

     - Change the indentation of the text on the page.

     - Link text to an outside website and decide how you would like that link to open (whether in the same page or a different window). 

     - Insert an image and set the size that you would like it to be.

     - You can also link images to an outside website, just click on the image and click the link button at the top. 

     - Embed a video and select the size that you would like it to be from any video embed code. For example: YouTube, Vimeo or Wistia.

3. Before you save your outcome make sure to preview it using the "Preview" option on the right hand side. 

4. To segment your leads based on outcome select the segment you would like applied from the "Apply Segmentation" drop down when you scroll to the bottom of the page.

5. To save your outcome select "Save Outcome".

6. Once it is saved click "Create New Outcome" to create additional outcomes.